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As a qualified sports masseur, I give massages, advice and treatments.

This takes place in my practice (in the center of Tilburg), on location, at your company or at your home. 

For an erotic massage you can not contact me and I refer you to where they will be glad to be of service to you.


Who am I?
I know what I want. That's why I feel happiest when I can work independently and spontaneously. My goal is to put the customer first. I work from your question and your need.I open up myself in contact with people. I can analyze. In communicate with people, I look at what they mean and what they need. Keywords for this page are: Entrepreneur, pioneer from the heart and soul, socially open, listening, intuitive, networker, self-opinionated.

Communication and advise

In my work - first 30 years in healthcare and now as a sports masseur, communication is crucial. My clients have a story - just like me ... I've learned one thing in working with people, listening. As a person I am open and unprejudiced. Therefore I make easy contact and people like to talk to me.
My clients are making theirselves vulnerable. Of course I am aware of that. 
And not only that, I would like to do something with it. Not just your body undergoes a massage, mentally and emotionally there is happening a lot. Body and mind become free. I notice that people are going to tell spontaneously. In rest, they often come to special insights and I would advice them, if desired.
I do not give massages on the assembly line. I want to take the time to talk with a cup of coffee or tea, but you decide, its free to choose for a massage without any talking. Therefore I have several arrangements. A massage with conservation or without  conversation. A conversation with massage or a conversation without massage.
My goal
What can I do for you? To begin, I want everyone to feel comfortable. You feel at ease and you are given all the room to be yourself. After a consultation you step out the door with a relaxed and uncluttered feeling: you have the feeling you can pick things up again, to get on with your power and energy.  You realize that you've met someone who you can trust, who is honest and reliable and able to listen. A driven, excellent masseur who dares to show a lot from herself. A masseur who relies on her feelings and (thus) achieves a lot. To get literally and figuratively the finger on the right spot.
In particular, chronic complaints that do not go away after the treatments of physiotherapists and other practitioners, often become less or disappear through my treatments.
My experience shows that physical complaints can have other causes. If there is a need for it, I advise and guide people to gain insight into this. More information can be found on my website:
The next online masterclasses are offered both individually as in groups:
  1. Self massage, aimed at tackling or preventing your body complaints (2-3 sessions of 45-60 minutes). 
  2. Breathing techniques, what they can do for you, aimed at relaxation and/or increase your performance (2 sessions of 60 minutes).
  3. Insights into your biological rhythm that you can plan things better such as building up your fitness or making decisions in your life and work. For sports teams and employees - entrepeneurs who work together in teams.This course provides added value for a better cooperation.You understand yourself and the other person better (2 sessions of 60 minutes).
  4. Stretch exercises to prevent and/or eliminate physical complaints (1 session of 45-60 minutes).
  5. Keep your PH body value in balance (1 session 45-60 minutes).
  6. Exercises over more then 5000 year old for a proper function of your organs (2-3 sessions of 60 minutes).
  7. Informative masterclass, the special results of the massage treatments and what they can mean for you (1 session 60 minutes).
What do customers say about me?
Comments below are published with permission of that person.
"Dear José, because i have heard about your talents i decided to come to Tilburg to experience your massage treatment. And i must say you are not good, but EXCELLENT. I have had so many many massages in my life and no one has ever given me such a good treatment as this. Besides that you are a good teacher, you have also magical hands and i have much respect for you and your work. I come back to Tilburg, specially for you". M.A. Entrepeneur worldwide Saudi Arabia.
 "José van Helden, I want to thank you for your great massage. Finally I found a masseur who knows exactly what my complaints are. I wish I had come to you much earlier. And thanks for all the tips, xx". Sevanna Banos, hairdresser and model, Tilburg.
 "José has a very unique way of approaching and massage treatment. I have had many massages in my life, all over the world. I specially like the Indian massages, who are a few thousand years old. But during, and after the massage from Jose, I was very surprised and excited. I have never felt and experienced thesis massage and such wunderful results before. They where incredibly. I am sure I will come back to Holland, just and only for your massage treatment. José thank you ". S. M. entrepreneur and advisor worldwide, Dubai.
 "José was a" one of a kind "masseur. Her techniques were genuine and very fresh to me. Afterwards I felt so wonderful and i just had a show to do an hour later. It really helped me and i felt even better as days went on. She gave me great health advice and was very thorough overall. I hope that you 'have a chance to experience her magic, healing touch. I will return again. " Mark Lennon / the band VENICE, California United States of America.
 "Throughout my professional career I have never had such a good and special massage. José When you know that it is all right." Hans van Dungen, ex-professional footballer NAC Breda.
"José is a warm, pleasant person. You experience that as soon as she opens the door. She's a great professional and great company." Jasper Mikkers, ( Tymen Trolsky ) writer / poet and city poet Tilburg.
"As a dancer, teacher, choreographer and director, I have had reason to seek help, both for myself and for other practitioners in the art of dance, with treatment of injuries but usefull or preventive treatments in massage and body therapy. With the support of my experience, I can heartily recommend José van Helden. She possesses a closeness to her profession, that already at the first treatment provided me confidence for her work, All which usefull gift and expected positive results. " Conny Borg, Dancer, Choreographer, Director. Stockholm Sweden.
"Dear José, it was a real pleasure discovering you during my stay in Tilburg. It is the first time but definitely not the last time. I had a very big impression about the Dutch people in general, but meeting you has made me put the Dutch on a pedestal. With my nerve problem I did not have a enough fun during my stay, but discovering with all the attention you gave me, have brought me enough of light. I will come back to you very soon. " Wolde Mikael Miquele, Director General Piccini. Cameroun and Rep. Guinea Ecuatorial Africa.
"I first came to José because I wanted to prepare for an important test. As an assistant referee in the KBVB me 100% you must take a physical test and rule test every year. The physical test is an interval test, you walk 150 meters and walk 50 meters José. had a lot of work with me because I've never had a massage. She has prepared me and helped. I passed the test thanks to José, thanks ". Assistant referee in the highest category of amateur soccer of the Belgian Football Association.
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