A good addition to massage is doing stretching exercises of the muscles in your body. Thus you reach a good basis of the condition of your muscles and a good posture. That way you give your muscles the opportunity to do what they are meant for at that place; namely to move your bones and bring them in the correct posture and keep them in the correct posture. I think this is the basic before you start to move and before you start exercising. In addition, the volume of your muscles will increase, you bring them in the appropriate lenght and the blood flow will be stimulated.
The right balance of the muscles is achieved if the muscles wich have a tendency to shorten will be stretched, and the muscles, which tend to relax, will be strengthened. This gives a correct posture of your body so you avoid problems at work, during sports and daily activities. You will get advice and instructions for this in the first visit as well as in the follow-up treatments.