Jose van helden massage been

Because the effect of massage is physically and mentally great and profound, this is the basis for healthy living and healthy performance. Massage is focused on prevention as well as rehabilitation.
Along with the athlete I can set up a massage program, focused on a training program and the ultimate goal of the performance. It also demonstrates what impacts it could have and how this could affect the course of the performance process. Thereby you develop your understanding of the performance during exercise as well as in your other activities.

I also cooperate with a top-therapist who followed his training programmes in Sweden. Its unique development of a specialty along with two leaders from the Swedish ballet world gives a guaranteed increase of your performance and improves quality. Your vocal skills and physical performance will be improved by 30% without overtaxing your body. On the contrary your body will get relieved by adopting this system and your performance will increase.This system, together with targeted massage increases performance and prevents complaints.
The collaboration between me and this therapist is unique. I undergo this treatments myself, so I can experience what changes there are in the body and what are the needs, and this toptherapist undergoes my massages so there can be mutual understanding and learning.