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massage in general

Massaging the skin and muscles with a warm massage oil has a healthy and relaxing effect on both body and mind. If you suffer from anxiety / worry or poor sleep a massage has a calming effect and promotes a good night’s sleep.
Even if someone has depressive complaints, they become less.

The muscles are in better condition, also in older people. Because the muscles are in better shape it has a positive effect on the joints and posture, which can reduce, eliminate or avoid other complaints.

Massage stimulates the nervous system so that all positive metabolic processes necessary in the body, will work better.

Massage works by relieving pain, reduces rheumatic complaints and has a recovering influence on, for example, muscle atrophy. It also has a reducing effect on the blood sugar level. All this has been studied scientifically and has been scientifically proven.

Massage stimulates the recovery of the body, and therefore this is a preventative basis for a healthy and responsible and enjoyable behaving. This is true for work, for sports as well as for your daily activities.