Massage stimulates the nervous system causing all positive metabolic processes needed in the body, doing better work. Especially if you want to lose weight it is helpfull if you have a number of massages in your planning and diet. Because massage stimulates the metabolic processes in a positive way, it promotes a good supply of nutrients and encourages the removal of waste. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system are positively affected, causing the whole basal metabolism to work better during the day and at night. So in this vicious circle they are both affected positively by each other.
By scheduling 6 to 8 massages the result is optimal. In addition, I will give you some stretching exercises focused on your body. These exercises work more intensively on your energy combustion and these work better than, for example Pilatus. It increases muscle mass and improves your posture.
If desired I develop together with you and a personal trainer a program focused on responsible exercise during your period of weight loss.
In doing so, I combine, if desired, nutritional advice based on your blood type, making your body pick up the fat burning process so the result of good and healthy weight loss is most optimal.