Before a massage takes place, you undergo a body check. Your posture and possible complaints will be inventorised, from which a targeted massage can take place and some advice can be given to you. It’s definitely a good idea to go for a body check. Despite the fact that your muscles are not the right length, there may not always be complaints, and therefore it can still negatively affect your posture. A common problem for example is that the pelvis is rotated and you have a hollow back or the buttocks backwards. Simultaneously, I can see in response to the following complaints if tissue massage can be applied.

What I have experienced in practice is for example that a footballer comes to me with hip problems it shows that, following my advice to wear insoles, the symptoms have disappeared. Or a young woman who wants to become pregnant comes for a massage because of shoulder pain. During the body check it turns out that her pelvis stands skewed and therefore we are going to work on that problem too, so she has taken a proper preparation to prevent complications of a future pregnancy.