Prevention, in other words; preventing injuries and keeping a healthy body healthy. This is a very important task for me. Research shows that 70% of the injuries could have been prevented. Most people come to a sports masseur after complaints arose. If complaints have arisen it should be prevented that these symptoms persist and /or getting worse. I am therefore looking with you to the system in which the complaints have developed and discuss them with you so you can break through this situation. Injuries occur when the physical load is higher than the physical capacity allows. The load should be coordinated with the capacity so that in course of time the load can be increased again.
Because of my top-quality training course in injury prevention, I am entitled to make diagnoses from a lot of injuries and complaints and from there I can formulate with you a treatment plan and implement a therapy. I will discuss the treatments with you. To give a few examples; treatment for cramps, shin splinth, tennis golfer elbow, gracilissyndroom, tendopathie achillei, painful and sensitive tensor fascia latae, heel spur, knee runners and jumpers knee.
Through combining injury prevention research and sports or relaxation massage with deep tissue massage, kinesiotaping, stretching and muscle strengthening exercises, the treatments are of high quality.