Massages and absenteeism

The massages and associated advices are specially developed by me on the level of absence due to illness, within a company or organization. Absenteeism can therefore be supervised in a preventive or active way and / or focused on aftercare.

Companies and processes of change.

Companies and organizations that are in change, for example by restructuring, ISO certification and/or cutbacks, can be supported targeted by guiding teams and/or people involved in it individually. As a result of more than 30 years of experience in working with processes of change I have developed a plan and strategy. By following this strategy it gives people insights, better overview, peace of mind, more clarity and a higher involvement on various levels. So it will benefit management and the employees “on the floor” alike. Also in dismissal procedures I have a step by step guidance for people who are concerned, which gives a lot of support for them, despite the unpleasant situation. This guidance is a massage for the mind, heart and soul.
If you invest in me, you are investing in the health of your company or organization, also in difficult times.
For more detailed information over this topic please visit my other website; http://www.vanhelden-begeleiding.


Conferences and symposia are organized frequently by companies and organisations. These programs are planned with components which are mostly  focused on concentration. My experience is that it is, precisely during such days, important to plan some relaxing hours in the form of a massage. In particular, the effects of massage will help promote what will be remembered and what is desirable that will be remembered by the participants of the conference. You can hire me for such days, when it is appropriate that consultation takes place before the programme has made, about the right massages and relaxation at appropriate times.